International Writers’ Day 2025

Until International Writers’ Day are 278 days, ie 9 months and 5 days.

In 2025 International Writers’ Day is on 3rd March (Monday).

Most of us love books, and even those who do not – had to read at least some of them at school. Even though we often think and talk about the story told by the book, it is easy to forget that every book was written by someone. Without writers our world would not be the same place. They open new worlds for us, tell us stories that our imagination would never think of, give ideas for thousands of great movies. This is why International Writers’ Day is the best opportunity to appreciate all of them!

International Writers’ Day is observed annually on March 3 since 1986. The idea has been proposed by the International Congress of PEN Club – an organization founded in London in 1921 and formed of ‘Poets, Essayists, Novelists’ as well as Playwrights and Editors. However, PEN International, as it is known today, is a worldwide association of writers of all kind and of all literary genres, also translators, journalists or historians. It is not only an organization that supports all writers, but was also the first non-governmental body advocating for human rights. PEN aims also at promoting mutual support among writers from all over the world, above any national, religious or racial conflicts. It is also focused on defending free expression, protecting writers at risk, supporting writers in exile and promoting linguistic rights.

What does International Writers’ Day mean for each of us? It is a perfect occasion to appreciate your favorite authors or maybe even to get to know them! It may be possible during one of many meetings with authors or poetry evenings held around the world on March 3. The best thing you can do, however, to celebrate International Writers’ Day, is buying and reading some interesting, new books. We should nurture this beautiful practice in order to show future generations, that books’ power is timeless.

Did you know?

PEN International is the biggest literary organization in the world with subsidiaries in over 130 countries.