Employee Appreciation Day 2022

Employee Appreciation Day was 86 days, ie 2 months and 25 days ago.

In 2022 Employee Appreciation Day was on March 4th (friday).

A satisfied and motivated team affects not only the atmosphere in the workplace, but also customer satisfaction. It is worth remembering this throughout the year, especially on the first Friday in March, when, according to the calendar of non-standard holidays, the Employee Appreciation Day falls.

History of Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day is on the first Friday in March. This feast, which is crawling in many countries, has American roots, dating back to the 1990s. It was created by Bob Nelson, one of America's favourite motivation experts, the creator of a bestselling book, published under the title „1001 ways to reward employees” and translated into about 40 languages. Nelson, known in the United States as Guru of Thank You, shows in his publications how much power there is in appreciating employees.

The Employee Appreciation Day is one of the best annual opportunities for managers, company leaders and HR staff to thank employees for their work and efforts. As part of its celebration, many of them allow their employees to go home earlier, give them small gifts or give official thanks for their work. It is also a good habit to organise company events which have an extremely positive impact on employee morale and commitment.

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