Today is 23rd June 2021 📆

  • Sunrise 04:48
  • Sunset 21:16

  • Moonset 03:22
  • Moonrise 20:19

22nd June24th June
Day of the year: 174, Week of the year: 25

Holidays in the world in 23rd June 2021

Poland 🇵🇱 - Father's Day

Their dizzying career began in 1965 and if the world does not stop production altogether, in 30 years' time the weight of plastic bags thrown into the seas and oceans will exceed that of all creatures living in them. The weight of the problem is worth thinking about every day, but once a year there is...

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International Kissing Day is celebrated several times a year. One of the days when we are supposed to kiss at will fall on July 6th. And it is worth celebrating International Kissing Day because kissing affects not only our psyche but also our health!

History of International Kissing Day


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It can have a positive impact on our health, can be a source of endorphins, and is incredibly tasty. It can be dark, milk, dessert or white - chocolate. Even though it is considered to be high-calorific, there is one day in the year when you can eat it without feeling guilty – International Chocolate...

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Celebrated on the first Monday of August since its beginnings in 1871. After the date of the holiday has changed for the rest of The United Kingdom (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) the Scotland stayed with the old one but changed its holiday habits. Even though it is an official bank holiday in...

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It is an inseparable buddy of every man while watching a football match, relaxing after a hard day’s work, or simply talking to a best friend in the pub. Beer – because this is what we are talking about – is what we all associate with a good time, chillout and pleasure. Some men loved beer so much, that...

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