Today is 26th February 2024 📆

  • Sunrise 06:56
  • Sunset 17:30

  • Moonset 07:42
  • Moonrise 19:48


Day of the year: 57, Week of the year: 9

Holidays and observances for today

Religious holidays for today

A satisfied and motivated team affects not only the atmosphere in the workplace, but also customer satisfaction. It is worth remembering this throughout the year, especially on the first Friday in March, when, according to the calendar of non-standard holidays, the Employee Appreciation Day falls.


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Saint David’s Day is a holiday celebrated annually in the United Kingdom, but it has a special meaning to Wales, for St David is the saint patron of this country. The feast day is observed every year on March 1, the date of Saint David’s death in 589 AD. Although March 1 has been a national festival...

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Most of us love books, and even those who do not – had to read at least some of them at school. Even though we often think and talk about the story told by the book, it is easy to forget that every book was written by someone. Without writers our world would not be the same place. They open new worlds...

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The World Health Organization alerts that the number of people with hearing loss is increasing. It is estimated that today around 466 million people in the world are affected by the problem, while another 500 million people are affected by other disorders that have an impact on their life. To raise awareness...

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World Tennis Day is a relatively young holiday. The first edition was organized by the International Tennis Federation on March 4th 2013. At that time almost 60 countries took part in the event. Currently, the festival is celebrated in over 90 countries around the world.

World Tennis Day aims to popularize...

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