Today is 19th October 2021 📆

  • Sunrise 07:35
  • Sunset 17:55

  • Moonset 05:52
  • Moonrise 17:58

18th October20th October
Day of the year: 292, Week of the year: 42

Holidays and observances for today

World Ballet Day

Brain stroke is a very serious disease which is currently the largest cause of disability and the second largest cause of death in the world. Those of us who have luckily not encountered it yet are often not aware of the real nature of stroke. This is why World Stroke Day started to be observed in 2006....

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Halloween is nowadays known and observed in many countries worldwide on October 31. Although many people believe that this observance had started in the United States, it is rooted in the Celtic-speaking countries that we now know as Wales, Scotland or Ireland.

Many historians note that the origin...

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Guy Fawkes Day, previously known as Gunpowder Treason Day, is to commemorate the day when the death of King James I of England and VI of Scotland was avoided.
In years 1558-1603, during the reign of Queen Elisabeth I, Catholics were persecuted in England. After her death a new King James I of England...

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The history of World Foreplay Day, celebrated every year on November 9th, is not entirely clear. The feast only appeared a few years ago – it is not known where and who came up with its idea. Even the adjective „world” is puzzling, because few people in the world have heard of it. Nevertheless, it often...

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November 11 is in many countries around the world a special day. Many parts of the world celebrate the end of World War I on that day. A few countries also observe their Independence Day on November 11. China, however, observes 11.11 as both the opposite of Valentine’s Day and, simultaneously, the equivalent...

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