Today is 17th May 2021 📆

  • Sunrise 05:09
  • Sunset 20:44

  • Moonset 01:28
  • Moonrise 09:03


16th May18th May
Day of the year: 137, Week of the year: 20

Do you like going to the museum? Or maybe you only associate this place with boring school trips? Nowadays there are more and more interesting museum exhibitions on a number of topics available. Some of the most unusual museums in the world are for example: Museum of Bad Art, The Momofuku Ando Instant...

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People in the United Kingdom obviously love May – they have two bank holidays on that month. The first one - Early May Bank Holiday, also known as May Day, is annually observed on the first Monday of May. The last Monday of the month, however, is Spring Bank Holiday.

Spring Bank Holiday was at first...

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You may think that such thing as a birthday is a rather predictable kind of matter and has an obvious form. But when it comes to Royals nothing is obvious. Usually one's birthday is celebrated once a year, on the anniversary of their birth. Her Majesty The Queen, however, knows that such common-or-garden...

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In June all the card shops in the country do not let us forget that the Father's Day is coming. They offer cards for all kinds of dads. We can find "For the strongest (dad)", "For the smartest", "For the tallest", some have pictures of a dad riding a bicycle or motorbike, others drinking a beer or fixing...

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International Yoga Day is observed on June 21st. The date remains the same and for the first time it was celebrated in 2015. On this occasion, events are held in more than 170 countries around the world dedicated to yoga, which is recognized as the cultural heritage of India promoting a healthy lifestyle.


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