Today is 27th September 2021 📆

  • Sunrise 06:58
  • Sunset 18:43

  • Moonset 13:57
  • Moonrise 21:36

26th September28th September
Day of the year: 270, Week of the year: 39

Holidays and observances for today

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is a observance by the United Nations World Tourism Organization to recognize the important role tourism plays in contributing to the development of tourism, sustainable tourism and to provide a platform to share best practices, knowledge and experiences.

The United Nations World...

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Many of us cannot imagine a morning without the hot coffee aroma. Gourmets can spend really lots of money on that popular beverage. Coffee has become such an important element of our lives that it even has its own day – International Coffee Day.

The day aiming at promoting and celebrating coffee...

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It cannot be argued that music can have a very positive influence on our mood or even health. It can evoke a range of emotions – from sadness to laughter, joy, or happiness. As Plato once stated, ‘music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to...

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Even though many of us hated it in the primary school, we all had to learn it by heart – multiplication table. It used to be very helpful for us during many tests and exams, but over the years many adults often forget most of it. This is why the World Multiplication Table Day is being observed every...

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Every year thousands of people decide to stop eating meat and start a vegetarian diet. This trend is becoming more and more popular nowadays – approximately 10% of the world’s population is vegetarian. However, as it is estimated, humans still consume more than 80 billion animals every year. In order...

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