Today is 11th December 2023 📆

  • Sunrise 08:00
  • Sunset 15:46

  • Moonrise 06:24
  • Moonset 14:21


Day of the year: 345, Week of the year: 50

Holidays and observances for today

Religious holidays for today

The violin is one of the most diverse instruments that appears in virtually every musical genre. No wonder they have their holiday - December 13.

In the United Kingdom, just as in many other countries in the world, 25 December is a special day for most Christians. It is a public holiday there, and it celebrates Jesus Christ’s birth. Although many traditions connected with the day have Pagan roots, it is still the most essential holiday for millions...

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In the United Kingdom 26 December is a very important part of Christmas celebrations and a tradition cultivated for ages. The second day of Christmastide is called Boxing Day there, and it is a bank holiday since 1871. When Boxing Day falls on a weekend, the following Monday or Tuesday is a public holiday...

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The last day of the year is widely celebrated in most countries, although on different dates, depending on the calendar. New Year’s Eve is a celebration that allows to say ‘Goodbye’ to the previous year, and welcome the new one with open arms. Even though the observance in the United Kingdom always begins...

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