World Hello Day 2024

Until World Hello Day are 175 days, ie 5 months and 22 days.

In 2024 World Hello Day is on 21st November (Thursday).

World Hello Day is celebrated worldwide on November 21st.

The feast was established in 1973 as World Hello Day in the United States by two young American students, Brian and Michael McCormack.

They decided to react to the armed conflict between Egypt and Israel that occurred the same year. They wanted to show the world that fighting and envy are harmful, not building. It is now celebrated as World Hello Day. Its aim is to sensitize people to mutual kindness, to arouse positive emotions in them. It is an appeal against problems and often sad reality.

In its first year of operation, the day was supported by about 15 countries. Among the supporters of the celebration were 31 Nobel Peace Prize winners, who stated that the day has an important value for preserving world peace. Today, World Hello Day is celebrated in 180 countries around the world and is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate a desire for world peace.

This is a very open holiday and „for everyone”, because to join in the celebration of the feast it is enough to welcome at least 10 people from the immediate vicinity on November 21st.

Did you know?

World Hello Day is a holiday that originated in the United States, although the first mention of kindness comes from ancient times. Aristotle himself spoke of love, which, according to him, meant a good wish for the other person, without looking back on its own behalf.