World Multiplication Table Day 2024

Until World Multiplication Table Day are 150 days, ie 4 months and 27 days.

In 2024 World Multiplication Table Day is on 15th November (Friday).

Even though many of us hated it in the primary school, we all had to learn it by heart – multiplication table. It used to be very helpful for us during many tests and exams, but over the years many adults often forget most of it. This is why the World Multiplication Table Day is being observed every year on the first Friday of October.

A Polish producer of didactic materials is the main organizer of this observance. The first edition of this global event appeared in 2011, and all of the 114 schools taking part in it were from Poland. In the next editions, educational institutions from other countries, such as England, United States, Latvia, Russia, Croatia, Ukraine and others joined the observance. In 2019 as many as 5,862 schools registered for the event. Every educational institution around the world can join this fun way of learning multiplication table. The only required step is registration on the official website. The website also provides materials and step-by-step guides necessary to organise the event. The main idea of World Multiplication Table Day is to simply recall the multiplication table, and the organizers want to encourage pupils as well as adults to do that. The event also aims at popularizing different fun forms of teaching and learning maths and proving that it does not have to be boring.

The main motto of the event is: ‘Students check if adults know the multiplication table well’. Preparations for the big ‘test’ last many days – pupils make posters, requisites, and mostly important – recall the multiplication table, for example during some interesting games. For one day students can become examiners, and adults become students aiming at passing an exam. Pupils form special Commissions and Patrols in order to keep watch on those passing the test. They have exam sheets that allow them not only to examine their teachers, but also parents or even accidental passers-by – people on the street, at the park or in a shop. If they answer correctly on 5 questions connected with the multiplication table, they receive the Multiplication Table Expert title and card. The role of examiners is extremely untypical and important for children. It is indeed a great motivation both for the pupils and for adults.

Did you know?

Every Local Organizer, which means every educational institution participating in the event, has to send a special report after World Multiplication Table Day to the Main Organizer. Such a report includes data such as: the number of participants, the number of people who received the Multiplication Table Expert Title, and examination forms. After sending a report, every Local Organizer receives the Certificate of Thanks from the Main Organizer.