International Day Without Meat 2025

Until International Day Without Meat are 294 days, ie 9 months and 21 days.

In 2025 International Day Without Meat is on 20th March (Thursday).

March 20th, known as International Day Without Meat or Meatout Day, was created to give up eating meat and thus killing animals at least one day a year, in order to promote a vegetable, fruit and cereal-based diet and to teach a healthy lifestyle and vegetarian diet as being friendly to the human body.

History of International Day Without Meat

Meatout Day was first organized in 1985 in the United States by activists from animal rights organizations. Their aim was to inform people about the advantages of a proper vegetarian diet and to make them aware of the importance of proper eating habits and learning to eat healthy from an early age.

According to the organisation's official website, International Day Without Meat is celebrated at a high level in 50 US states through initiatives such as the distribution of healthy food and information leaflets, demonstrations of vegetarian food preparation, lectures, festivals, etc. After all, practical solutions work best for the imagination. Even a burger – the hallmark of American cuisine – has experienced a vegetarian metamorphosis. Skillfully seasoned, rich in various ingredients, tofu burger will make it easy to forget about its meat equivalent. Today, Meatout Day is also very popular in Europe.

Did you know?

On March 20th, not without reason, it was chosen to celebrate the International Day Without Meat. This is the day that precedes the arrival of the calendar spring, and this time of year is probably the best time of year to make changes in life, including changes in diet.