Global Smurfs Day 2024

Until Global Smurfs Day are 25 days.

In 2024 Global Smurfs Day is on 22nd June (Saturday).

Who does not know small blue creatures with white pants and floppy hats called the Smurfs, let him cast the first stone! These “three apples tall” fast runners live longer than humans, so next generations still have a chance to meet them. We have all enjoyed watching funny cartoons with the Smurfs and we cannot let the world, the young generation, forget about such an amazing creation. This is why since 2011 every year Global Smurfs Day is observed on the Saturday closest to June 25.

Why is the date special for the Smurfs? June 25 is the birthday of Peyo (Pierre Culliford), their creator. The year 2011 was also special for the Smurfs, because at that time The Smurfs movie had been released. Global Smurfs Day was declared by Sony Pictures Animation as the promotion for the movie, but has soon become an annual event celebrated worldwide.

How is Global Smurfs Day being observed? The easiest way to do that is simply... to become one of the Smurfs. People get dressed like Smurfs wearing blue shirts, white pants and shoes. Do not forget about a characteristic floppy hat! Your skin should be painted blue too – as well as the face. Many events all around the world are also held on Saturday closest to June 25. In 2013, when The Smurfs 2 movie was to be released, there was also a worldwide Smurf Ambassadors initiative – over 40 ambassadors from 28 countries were then dressed as Smurfs. Another great way of celebrating Global Smurfs Day is also to read the comic The Smurfs and the Magic Flute and to see how the Smurfs had made their first appearance. Other Smurfs comics are of course highly recommended too. You can also watch the Smurfs cartoons with the family or even play a video game with your kids.

Did you know?

Different parts of the world join the celebrations of Global Smurfs Day in their own way. For example, Moscow’s Gorky Park and Dublin’s Ha’Penny Bridge are covered in Smurf-blue flowers and Australia’s Surfers Paradise becomes Smurfers Paradise for one day! Smurf figurines have also appeared in the busy tramways of Hong Kong, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Ponte Sant’Angelo in Rome.