Daughter-in-law Day 2024

Until Daughter-in-law Day are 30 days.

In 2024 Daughter-in-law Day is on 17th August (Saturday).

Most of us celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandmother’s Day or Grandfather’s Day. There are, however, other important family members worth honouring at least once a year. An example of such a person is a mother-in-law, who also has a holiday of her own. But if there is a Mother-in-Law Day, there should also be a Daughter-in-Law Day. That is exactly what the initiator of this holiday had thought.

Daughter-in-Law Day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of August. The date is not accidental. August is one of the most popular months for getting married, and Saturday is the most common day of the week to do that. This means that many young women around the world become daughters-in-law on that day. This is a very important moment not only in their life, but also for their new mother-in-law. When a man gets married, he gets involved with the most important woman of his life, which earlier used to be the mother’s position. This is when a mother needs to accept a new woman in the life of her beloved son and develop a bond with her. A Daughter-in-Law Day is a great opportunity to do that.

A friendly relationship between mother- and daughter-in-law is more important than you could ever imagine. If these two women do not like each other and often argue, at least one marriage is unhappy – and consequently, one of the most important men in their lives is unhappy too. This is why such a strong bond between them is really worth the effort. In order to achieve it, a daughter-in-law needs to respect the mother of her husband and appreciate everything she does. A mother-in-law should return the favour, and a Daughter-in-Law Day could be the best start. A small gift or a meal together is a great way of saying: ‘Thank you for taking care of my son’. What is the most important, however, is to simply spend some time together. Watching family pictures, cooking together or going out without men is what brings two women together and helps to solve even the most difficult problems or misunderstandings. If a daughter-in-law is respected, she will also respect her husband’s parents and show it every day.

Did you know?

Daughter-in-Law Day is being observed since 2020 as a remembrance of a special day for its initiator – the day when a very important person in his life became a daughter-in-law. Who was the initiator of the holiday? This remains a mystery.