Super Bowl Sunday 2024

Until Super Bowl Sunday are 246 days, ie 8 months and 1 day.

In 2024 Super Bowl Sunday is on 11th February (Sunday).

There are many important holidays in the United States. One of them, however, is the most significant day for sports enthusiasts, even though it is not an official holiday. It is known as Super Bowl Sunday – an extremely important American sports event.

Super Sunday is usually the first Sunday of February, when millions of people gather together in front of TVs to watch the most important football championship game. This unofficial national holiday is the final of the National Football League (NFL). Watching the game that day became so popular that even people who are not football fans watch it with their friends, families, in sports bars or at home. In fact, Super Bowl in 2011 was probably the most entertaining in history – 111 million of people watched it on TV.

The match is played every year since 1967, although its name was different before 1970. The two teams taking part in the game are: the winner of American Football Conference (AFC) and the winner of National Football Conference (NFC). The winning team claims the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and the best player of the match wins the MVP (Most Valuable Player) title, also called the Pete Rozelle Trophy.

Super Sunday is also special because of food and alcohol consumption. It turns out that this unofficial holiday is the second day of the year in the United States with the highest level of food consumption, right behind the Thanksgiving. What do football fans eat on Super Sunday? Usually pizza, but other popular meals are: buffalo wings, chili, baby back ribs, dipping sauces, guacamole and potato chips. Not only food business makes a lot of money on Super Bowl. Many advertisers are ready to pay outrageous price for a short spot in TV during the transmission.

Did you know?

Super Bowl Sunday is so important in the USA that even some churches decide to cancel their afternoon or evening services that day. Many shops are empty during the match, especially those located in the regions of the two teams playing the game.