Parents' Day in USA 2024

Until Parents' Day in USA are 60 days, ie 1 month and 30 days.

In 2024 Parents' Day in USA is on 28th July (Sunday).

In the United States, the fourth Sunday of July is Parents’ Day – a non-public holiday honoring all parents and their role in raising new generations. It can be considered as quite a “fresh” holiday, because it is observed since 1994, when it was established by President Bill Clinton. The aim of creating such a day was to support and uplift the role of parenthood in everyday family life.

Although Parents’ Day is considered to be a holiday, most businesses are open just as in any other Sunday of the year. There are, however, some special local Parents’ Day Committees in which volunteers, teachers, public officials and community leaders every year reward some special parents in their area. On a higher level, every year in Washington, D.C. a Parents of the Year Banquet is organized. As the name of the feast indicates, hundreds of people gather on that occasion to honor the recipients of the National Parents of the Year Award. Parents who are nominated for the award are chosen from all the states around the country, and they exemplify parental love and dedication to their family. Parents of the Year are chosen by the National Parents’ Day Coalition which is also responsible for providing educational programs for parents and promoting the Parents’ Day.

Parents’ Day is also a great occasion to individually honor or commemorate those, who brought us up – our parents. It is common to send cards, gifts and flowers on that day, but most of all to gather together in families for a meal and simply thank each other for family relationships. After Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June, Parents’ Day is for appreciating the mutual efforts that mothers and fathers put in protecting, teaching and serving their children.

Did you know?

Everyone can complete a form to nominate someone for the Parents of the Year Award and submit it on The document needs to be submitted before July 1, and it is later forwarded to the local Committee of the state in which the nominee resides.

Other years

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