New Year's Eve in USA 2024

Until New Year's Eve in USA are 217 days, ie 7 months and 3 days.

In 2024 New Year's Eve in USA is on 31st December (Tuesday).

In New York around 1 million people gather every year on Times Square to celebrate New Year's. Almost 200 million Americans and 1 billion people across the world watch it on tv. The ceremony is called 'Times Square Ball Drop' because dropping the humongous luminous ball is the main focus of the night. The act holds a deep meaning though. In 19th century there was a tradition going on in ports to drop a 'time ball' down the poles at noon helping the ships to adjust their clocks to the local time. Today dropping the ball on New Year's Eve is nothing more but a great spectacle. The ball drop debuted in 1907 and since then it has been dropped every year. The only exception was during World War II when for two years it was not dropped. Before this moment there are numbers of concerts and shows taking place in which the crowds participate in while drinking, eating and drinking one more time. The event starts around 6pm with lighting the ball and ends around 15 minutes past midnight after the ball has been dropped and the confetti has been released. According to New York City Department of Sanitation, on the first night of the year, after the major party is over, 190 cleaners remove over 50 tons of trash solely from the Times Square Ball. These numbers repeat every single year. The second biggest event that night, after New York City, takes place in Las Vegas. It is also widely televised. On 31st December each year crowds gather on Las Vegas Strip, which is a part of the main road Las Vegas Boulevard, where most of the biggest hotels and casinos are located. The whole Strip that is around 6.8 kilometres long is closed to traffic that night. Loads of people attend extravagant events, nightclub parties, concerts and celebrations of various kinds and styles. At midnight there is a massive fireworks display, largely photographed and later found on many postcards and exhibitions. Astonishing fireworks and shows also take place in other cities such as New Orleans - over the Mississipi River, Florida at Disney World, San Francisco - over the waterfront, or Los Angeles - projected off a building at Grand Park.

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