World Savings Day 2024

Until World Savings Day are 154 days, ie 5 months and 1 day.

In 2024 World Savings Day is on 31st October (Thursday).

World Savings Day is not an invention of recent years. It will soon celebrate its centenary. It all started at the 1st International Savings Bank Conference in Milan in 1924. The delegates concluded that in order to ensure the stable and long-term development of European societies, it is necessary to promote the idea of saving.

The congress was attended by 354 delegates from 27 countries. The main figure who participated in the congress was Prof. Filippo Ravizza, then director of the newly established World Savings Banks Institute (WSBI).

According to the participants of the congress, appropriate knowledge about the multiplication of savings was to ensure stable development of societies. To this end, it was decided that on October 31th each year they would organize educational activities in their countries addressed to all citizens, regardless of age, social status or resources.

It is worth adding that the idea of World Savings Day was not born of anything. Some countries have already been involved in promoting the idea of saving in order to achieve a higher standard of living and secure the economy. Examples include the United States or Spain, which celebrated its first national Savings Day in 1921.

Other years

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