World Foreplay Day 2024

Until World Foreplay Day are 201 days, ie 6 months and 17 days.

In 2024 World Foreplay Day is on 9th November (Saturday).

The history of World Foreplay Day, celebrated every year on November 9th, is not entirely clear. The feast only appeared a few years ago – it is not known where and who came up with its idea. Even the adjective „world” is puzzling, because few people in the world have heard of it. Nevertheless, it often appears in different calendars.

New secular tradition

The idea is new, but it's slowly starting to take off. In 2007, one of the men's websites conducted a survey among its users, asking them whether World Foreplay Day is a good idea. Among the 2503 voters, 71% replied positively, 20% answer in the negative the question and 9% of the respondents were unable to make a decision.

Perhaps World Foreplay Day is just a rumour, stubbornly repeated by the media or a marketing stunt by condom manufacturers? Even if so, the opportunity is such a nice and nonbinding that we can organize our own private celebration.

This day is not connected with any traditions or events. It is a very intimate holiday, celebrated only by lovers, and its biggest celebration takes place in the bedroom or other home corner.