International Hugging Day 2025

Until International Hugging Day are 242 days, ie 7 months and 28 days.

In 2025 International Hugging Day is on 21st January (Tuesday).

The Germans have a habit of saying that International Hugging Day wipes away bad emotions and there is a lot of reason for that. This simple gesture requires no words. It is associated with tenderness and love, as well as understanding, compassion and empathy in general.
January 21st motivates us to just hug our loved ones. International Hugging Day was created by Kevin Zaborney and planned especially for the period between Christmas and Valentine's Day to pour a little love into the hearts of our loved ones. The initiator assumed that the American society, which is reluctant to express its feelings in public, will be obliged to share their love on the streets on that day.

History of International Hugging Day

American scientists from the Touch Research Institute in the 1980s noticed that people who are in a relationship in France hug three times more often than couples from the USA, which makes their relationships stronger. Kevin Zaborne and Adam Olis, hugging researchers, said that Americans were ashamed to show their feelings in public. That is why, on March 29th 1986, they launched the tradition of International Hugging Day, which has spread around the world.

International Hugging Day is particularly well accepted in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Greece, the Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom, where there are even Facebook events to meet in one place and hug for as long as possible.

Hugging costs nothing. Even at festivals there are people with big hangers on their clothes "free hugging", so you can do it even with strangers. This will improve the mood of both sides.

Did you know?

International Hugging Day is not the only one regarding this activity. It can also be celebrated on June 24th, but due to the current season, it is hardly surprising that people prefer to celebrate this holiday in winter.

In the USA known as National Hugging Day ™