International Coffee Day 2024

Until International Coffee Day are 125 days, ie 4 months and 2 days.

In 2024 International Coffee Day is on 1st October (Tuesday).

Many of us cannot imagine a morning without the hot coffee aroma. Gourmets can spend really lots of money on that popular beverage. Coffee has become such an important element of our lives that it even has its own day – International Coffee Day.

The day aiming at promoting and celebrating coffee as a beverage has been established by International Coffee Organization. Since 2015 it can be observed on 1 October annually in the United Kingdom and a few other countries. An event like this, however, was already held much earlier. In 1983 the day was promoted in Japan by The All Japan Coffee Association, and in 2005 ‘National Coffee Day’ was mentioned in the United States. However, the exact origin of the day remains unknown. Other countries celebrate the day on different dates, for example on 29 September. 1 October, however, is recognized as International Coffee Day, which means that this is the best occasion to share your love for coffee with everyone around the world.

The idea of the Coffee Day is to mark the history of that popular drink, and to appreciate and savour coffee. It is also a celebration of the coffee sector’s diversity, quality and passion. The adoration for coffee has become even bigger since it is proved that this beverage can have a positive impact on our health. It reduces the risk of many serious diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia or Parkinson’s. It is also less possible for a coffee-drinker to get cancer – the scientists have discovered that this beverage can reduce cellular damage, which can cause DNA mutations leading to cancer. For this reason, coffee definitely deserves to be praised at least once a year.

A great way to celebrate International Coffee Day is simply drinking coffee. Invite someone on a coffee date, serve it for everyone in your office or simply enjoy your favourite version of this energizing beverage. Inhale its aroma, feel the pleasant warmth filling up your body and taste it just the way you like it. Trying new flavours in the company of best friends is also a great way to celebrate Coffee Day.

Did you know?

One story explaining how people discovered coffee roots back to the 9th century. It is believed that a goat herder living then noticed his goats being stimulated after eating coffee beans. People started to drink coffee regularly around the 15th century in the Arab world.